Happy Easter


Dear guests, business partners and friends of Marina Hramina,

We wish you a Happy Easter, celebrated in health with family, friends and other important people in your life. For everyone, including Marina Hramina, this Easter is different regarding the new situation around the world. We would like that we could gather again this year around our traditional Easter table rich with Easter delicacies, which we prepare with special care and look forward to. It is especially nice in the marina when a large number of you are present and together with us you share not only happiness on that day[…] Read more



Since the outbreak of Covid-19 virus, in Croatia special measures and recommendations provided by the Headquarters of the Civil Protection of the Republic of Croatia have become effective, and on March 12 the country declared the coronavirus epidemic.
In accordance with the measures and recommendations of the Headquarters of the Civil Protection work in the marina will be interrupted until futher notice (some services will be working from home) with the main objective of protecting the health of all our guests, employees and partners.

Our staff will answer all your inquiries via e-mail and telephone, special working schedule[…] Read more

Marina Hramina service is newly authorized to offer Sea Recovery and Opacmare products!


The Hramine Marine Service has recently become authorized ​stockists for Sea Recovery  and Opacmare    Pas​sarel​l​es.
Installing and servicing these parts as well as their purchase can be ordered ​from the Nautic ​Shop of Marine Hramine.

If you need to install new equipment or service ​any that you already have, please contact us at Nautic Shop or at our service ​department[…] Read more



Thanks to the Ministry of Tourism and Measure C  which is concerned with availability and security, Marina Hramina ,this season, will be equipped with an AED (automatic external defibrillator) device used for heart defibrillation in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. The function of this device is to performs a heart rate analysis; to instruct the rescuer and to allow defibrillation. Anyone can find themselves in a situation where a person needs  this help and using the AED increases the possibility of saving a life. We are happy to provide our guests with this additional security to enhance their holiday enjoyment[…] Read more