Happy Easter


Dear guests, business partners and friends of Marina Hramina,

We wish you a Happy Easter, celebrated in health with family, friends and other important people in your life. For everyone, including Marina Hramina, this Easter is different regarding the new situation around the world. We would like that we could gather again this year around our traditional Easter table rich with Easter delicacies, which we prepare with special care and look forward to. It is especially nice in the marina when a large number of you are present and together with us you share not only happiness on that day, but also the beginning of beautiful spring / summer days when you look forward to to spent more time on your boats.

We believe that we will rejoice again soon, because together we will conquer this world pandemia, which surprised us all and brought us into unusual circumstances. However, life did not stop even in these circumstances. We are just adjusting to the situation and take care 24/7 of your vessels. We are at your disposal for all your questions, requests and orders and will be happy to provide you with answers.

Take care of yourself and others, obey the measures of your home country as we do. Together we can overcome everything and soon return to the life we ​​had only more caring for one another and the nature that surrounds us.

Happy Easter!
Marina Hramina Team

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